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postgresql transition/upgrade strategy

Because of the transition to the multi-version postgresql packaging, we will 
have the situation in etch that someone who just does "apt-get install 
postgresql" (as has been the custom for many years) will always end up with 
the old version 7.4 instead of the newer 8.1.  (The reason that postgresql 
points to postgresql-7.4 is so that people's servers will continue running, 
because postgresql is 7.4 in sarge.)

Now a couple of people have expressed worries about that and I was asked to 
bring it up on -release.

A couple of ideas that have been thrown around:

- Prevent new installations of postgresql (without -x.y); allow only upgrades.

- Depend on both 7.4 and 8.1.

None of these or any of the more crazy ones are particularly appealing, 

Other ideas?

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