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Re: postgresql transition/upgrade strategy

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On 09/11/06 09:43, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Because of the transition to the multi-version postgresql packaging, we will 
> have the situation in etch that someone who just does "apt-get install 
> postgresql" (as has been the custom for many years) will always end up with 
> the old version 7.4 instead of the newer 8.1.  (The reason that postgresql 
> points to postgresql-7.4 is so that people's servers will continue running, 
> because postgresql is 7.4 in sarge.)
> Now a couple of people have expressed worries about that and I was asked to 
> bring it up on -release.
> A couple of ideas that have been thrown around:
> - Prevent new installations of postgresql (without -x.y); allow only upgrades.
> - Depend on both 7.4 and 8.1.
> None of these or any of the more crazy ones are particularly appealing, 
> though.

Speaking as a user, I'd prefer having to specify the -x.y during the
apt-get.  It removes the ambiguity.

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