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Re: pilot-link migration (libpisock8 -> libpisock9)

Hi Ludovic,

On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 03:55:57PM +0200, Ludovic Rousseau wrote:

> A new upstream version 0.12.x of pilot-link is now available. pilot-link
> (0.11.8) provides a library package libpisock8 and the new version is
> API incompatible so is named libpisock9 (for pilot-link 0.12.1). The
> packages generated by pilot-link are available in experimental and are:


> I rebuilt all of them. The results are:
> - correctly rebuilt packages:
>   jpilot
>   jpilot-plugins
>   kdepim-kfile-plugins
>   kpilot ----- (but depends on libmal1, see below)
>   libpda-pilot-perl
>   libpisock++0c2
>   libpisock-dev
>   libpisync0

Aren't the above three packages *from* pilot-link?  So that wouldn't seem to
require a separate rebuild.  Also, I don't see libpisock++ in experimental;
is it no longer being provided?  It doesn't seem to have any reverse deps in
testing, so dropping it isn't really a problem AFAICS if this is what's

> - fails to build (with the FTBFS bug number, with priority normal):
>   evolution #341172
>   gnome-pilot #386201
>   gnome-pilot-conduits #386202
>   libmultisync-plugin-palm #386199
>   linpqa #386189
>   mhc-utils #386196
>   pilot-qof #385861

> Maybe libmultisync-plugin-palm is now replaced by opensync-plugin-palm
> (correctly rebuilt using the new API) as indicated in #338328. It may be the
> occastion to remve some packages from Debian.

Well, I don't imagine that we'll be dropping evolution from Debian for this
reason.  341172 has a patch, but you report that it's not enough to get the
package building with libpisock9.  Can you please work with the evolution
maintainers to find a solution to this before uploading to unstable, since
a blocked evolution in unstable can cause other problems rather quickly?

Otherwise, I don't have any objections to this transition.

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