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Re: Packages to be frozen next week: odds

On 2006-08-10 Stefan Huehner <stefan@huehner.org> wrote:
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/~he/base-freeze-packages

> Looking at this is noticed some packages which are priority 'important'
> at the moment but this doesn't seem right any more:

> a.)	libgnutls11
> b.)	libtasn1-2
> c.)	libsigc++-1.2

> libgnutls11 is currently being phased out in favour of libgnutls13.
> Looking at the remaining reverse dependencies of libnutls11 (i386,
> haven't checked the other arches) this doesn't seem to justify important
> and its inclusion into the freeze.

> The libtasn1-2 case is similar. This library is a dependency of
> libgnutls11 and the its direct reverse dependencies don't seem to
> justify its priority important and its inclusion into the freeze.

> Perhaps one or both of the packages will be entirely obsolete / removed
> until etch..

Thanks for bringing this up. The gnutls maintainers would indeed be
very unhappy with gnutls11 and libtasn1-2 being included in etch at
all. (I would be quite unhappy if etch included libgnutls12)

cu andreas

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