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Packages to be frozen next week: odds


i'm referring to Andreas Barths post to debian-devel-announce and
specifically the following list of packages:


Looking at this is noticed some packages which are priority 'important'
at the moment but this doesn't seem right any more:

a.)	libgnutls11
b.)	libtasn1-2
c.)	libsigc++-1.2

libgnutls11 is currently being phased out in favour of libgnutls13.
Looking at the remaining reverse dependencies of libnutls11 (i386,
haven't checked the other arches) this doesn't seem to justify important
and its inclusion into the freeze.

The libtasn1-2 case is similar. This library is a dependency of
libgnutls11 and the its direct reverse dependencies don't seem to
justify its priority important and its inclusion into the freeze.

Perhaps one or both of the packages will be entirely obsolete / removed
until etch..

libsigc++1-2 has priority important but no reverse dependencies which
seem to justify that. The package "libsigc++-2.0" which is not on
this list (as it priority is optional) is a dependency of aptitude which
instead is important and scheduled to be frozen.
So here a change from libsigc++-1.2 to libsigc++-2.0" could be

Any comments / corrections for this? 


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