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Re: Bug#345868: Build-depends on package not in testing

First off, I have no interest in freecdb. I am not actively using
software that uses it, and have no time to improve it. Feel free to
do what you want. If you are too stuck with bureaucracy not to do
that until I've formally orphaned the package, please hold your breath
and wait.

Gerrit Pape wrote:
> The real author (not the current maintainer) doesn't consider this cdb
> implementation (the first and original one) dead AFAICS.  This tiny
> library is excellent software from the public domain, rock-solid and
> bug-free for years.

Hah. freecdb is not the same as djb's cdb. I am (/was) the upstream
for freecdb. Freecdb is a fork.

djb's cdb package is non-free, with parts of it public domain -- or
atleast they used to be, don't know what has happened since. Freecdb
is those public domain bits and then some. djb's cdb package has evolved
since then, it even changed API. Freecdb has not had any new development
happen on it since it was initially created. It is stuck with cdb-0.55
API, while djb's cdb is at 0.75 with a totally different API.

Any program written to the API in freecdb won't even work with latest

Freecdb is dead. The old cdb API is dead. Dead dead dead.

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