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Developer accessible SPARC machine


I note that one of the issues with the Sparc port is the the lack of a
developer accessible machine.

I have at my disposal, an Ultra 5. Nothing fantastic, I know, but I'm sure
m68k's had less grunty boxes... It has a healthy amount of RAM, and I would
put a new hard drive in it (or would accept a hard drive purchased by SPI or

I have an unmetered DSL connection at home, the speed of which is still
sorting itself out, and I have a few static IPs. I could give one to this

Let me know if this can be put to use. I understand that every developer in
the project will have access to it, and that I won't be the only one with
root (or possibly not have root access at all, although I would be happy to
admin it in the first instance).



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