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Re: libstdc++ configuratrion

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 12:30:43PM +0100, Domenico Andreoli wrote:
> with these news, i need to understand how boost debian package needs
> to move.

> currently unstable has boost 1.33.0, which would be ready for testing if
> it did not depend on gcc >= 4.0.2-3.  my understanding is that gcc-4.0,
> as it is now, will never enter testing, so neither current boost will.

> once libstdc++ gets back to new allocator, boost will probably need
> a change of name and new dependency version on gcc 4.0 (and a rebuild
> of all of its rdepends, like kdeedu). in this case i would push boost
> 1.33.1, due to be released in few days, and take this wave of rdepends
> rebuilds.

> my issues are with current kdeedu 4:3.4.2-2.1 depending on boost 1.33.0
> and already in testing, while boost 1.33.0 is not, and with undergoing
> c++ transition, which i honestly did not follow. am i missing anything
> here? thank you.

According to Matthias's list, boost is one of the packages affected by the
ABI breakage.  The current version of boost can't enter testing yet because
it blocks on the current, RC-buggy version of gcc-4.0.  The next version of
gcc-4.0 will implement the ABI change.  So I think the only option now is to
go for 1.33.1 in testing.

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