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Re: libstdc++ configuratrion

On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 04:01:11PM +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> libstdc++6 is currently configured to use the mt allocator based on
> discussions in April 2004 with upstream libstdc++ developers. This
> configuration turned out to be a mistake (memory leaks and the
> allocator is still buggy), other distributions did change back to the
> new allocator (the default one) in mid-2005 (FC in July 2005). The
> change does not have an effect on symbols exported from libstdc++, but
> it does have an effect on symbols exported by libraries which use
> containers (using an allocator) from the template headers.

> The proposal by upstream is to configure libstdc++ to use the new
> allocator again (the default one).

> The change will break some libraries, as seen in #336114, which can be
> fixed by rebuilding these libraries against a reconfigured libstdc++.

>  * Identify all library packages depending on libstdc++ and
>    exporting *mt_alloc* symbols.

>  * Rebuild these libraries and depending packages. Note that
>    partial upgrades won't work with this procedure. To make this work, we
>    would have to change the package name for all libraries affected.

What do you propose as the new name for these library packages?
(Apparently, these will then be the *real* "c2" libraries... but also
incompatible with those already shipped by other Debian-derived distros
under that name, such as Ubuntu...)  Do we have any notion of how many libs
are affected by this?

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