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libstdc++ configuratrion

libstdc++6 is currently configured to use the mt allocator based on
discussions in April 2004 with upstream libstdc++ developers. This
configuration turned out to be a mistake (memory leaks and the
allocator is still buggy), other distributions did change back to the
new allocator (the default one) in mid-2005 (FC in July 2005). The
change does not have an effect on symbols exported from libstdc++, but
it does have an effect on symbols exported by libraries which use
containers (using an allocator) from the template headers.

The proposal by upstream is to configure libstdc++ to use the new
allocator again (the default one).

The change will break some libraries, as seen in #336114, which can be
fixed by rebuilding these libraries against a reconfigured libstdc++.

 * Identify all library packages depending on libstdc++ and
   exporting *mt_alloc* symbols.

 * Rebuild these libraries and depending packages. Note that
   partial upgrades won't work with this procedure. To make this work, we
   would have to change the package name for all libraries affected.


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