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mpich C++ transition status

Sorry about the long period between updates; I caught a cold last weekend
andn that sapped my energy for a while.

Unfortunately, more things are getting caught up in this transition than I
was hoping, not because of the library package changing names, but because
of mpich disappearing and being replaced by mpich-bin.  But that's okay;
we're making progress.

The following are done and ready to migrate with mpich:

Source: blacs-mpi
Source: hdf5
Source: illuminator
Source: mpich
Source: petsc
Source: scalapack
Source: parmetis (non-free)

The following packages still depend on libmpich1.0:

Source: netpipe

The following packages don't depend on the library, but they do depend on
the mpich package which has been removed:

Source: warped

We can safely ignore warped for this purpose, since it's not in testing.
This means that we're down to netpipe which needs a maintainer upload or

However, there is one catch.  hdf5 also got pulled into this migration due
to its dependency on the mpich package.  This has already been fixed in
the version in unstable, but that means that hdf5's dependencies will all
also have to be ready to go.  That, unfortunately, pulls in a ton of other
packages.  Here's the full list that have not yet been transitioned.

Package: kmatplot
Package: octave-plplot
Package: octave-sp
Package: octave-statdataml
Package: python2.2-tables
Package: python2.3-tables
Package: python2.4-tables
Package: r-cran-hdf5
Package: octave-gpc (contrib)

This corresponds to the following source packages:

Source: kmatplot
Source: plplot
Source: pytables
Source: r-cran-hdf5
Source: semidef-oct
Source: statdataml
Source: octave-gpc (contrib)

In addition, these:

Source: mpb
Source: tessa

have already been transitioned and are ready to go.

I haven't gone back to look at the build dependencies again yet.  It looks
like just tracking down the dependencies is going to be hard enough, given
that hdf5 is involved.

So, I think the next step is to start filing RC bugs against the packages
depending on the old hdf5 libraries, asking them to rebuild against the
current ones.  The following packages are not in testing, so can be
ignored for the purposes of this transition (although still need RC bugs
filed if they don't already have any):

Source: kmatplot
Source: plplot

The rest are all in testing and will need to migrate at the same time as
mpich and hdf5.  Thankfully, no source changes should be required as near
as I can tell for the hdf5 transition; a new upload to force a rebuild
should be sufficient.

Unless anyone yells that I'm on the wrong track, I'm going to start filing
the above-mentioned RC bugs against the packages depending on the old hdf5

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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