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Re: Release Team meeting minutes - 2005-06-18

Quoting Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org):

> > Things are much less likely to heat if you present them
> > properly.
> Ok, convinced. No more minutes to debian-release. If we want to present
> properly, we need to take time to polish the mails.  Minutes will be
> hidden in future to avoid misunderstandings. I hope that you'll be more
> happy with that. I am desparate that this is necessary.

Well, I usually hate to AOLize, but it seems necessary here. Please
don't do this because some do not understand what are minutes of a meeting.

> > You could have sent a short email to the debian-python mailing
> > list, saying "we'd like to see this and that in the python policy",
> > starting a constructive discussion. (Well, not all discussions become
> > constructive, but you get a better chance this way.)
> Hello? Didn't you read? Let me repeat: We will communicate with the
> teams. With each one. The minutes were not meant for that, they were
> only meant internally for the release team. Please read my last mail.

And the release team makes its actions and discussions public. Fairly
logical again. As I understand, the meeting was public so one can even
not send Kabal accusations (I bet that some will do anyway because
there was a 30 minutes private discussion before).

> > I'd be the wrong person to criticize IRC meetings. However we're talking
> > about a policy which affects hundreds of packages; that's not something
> > you can discuss in private with a few selected people.
> You mean, we're better of hiding discussions and results? Ok, your call.

You said it, Andreas : *his* call. Don't let the most noisy people
make you take the worst decisions....

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