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To block GNOME 2.10 or not


the GNOME team is facing a dillema regarding the migration of GNOME 2.10
to sarge. The issue comes from #313219 : basically, gnomeVFS 2.10
crashes when running over a 2.4 kernel. This comes from a bug in glibc,
which is solved in the experimental version.

Currently, we have let a bug opened on gnomeVFS, so that it waits for
the new glibc in unstable - I was told it is to be uploaded to unstable
soon. However, with the unavoidable delay the glibc migration to testing
will face, we'll be stuck without GNOME 2.10 in etch for a few weeks.
Things could get worse if it overlaps with some scheduled transitions
(gcc 4.0, python).

I was also told that Linux 2.4 isn't supported in etch anymore. If this
is the case, we could as well tell testing users to upgrade to Linux

Any thoughts? Should we let #314484 RC?

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