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Re: Release team for etch?

Hi, All

Sorry my intromission,,

Why do put this topic in votation ?
I think this is the best way to solve it.   And are very democratic :)
I think  Mantainers could participate, too :)

In my opinion 18 months are very good and perfectly aceptable. I have at least 10 servers with Debian and upgrade them yearly are very difficult :(

Why do not fork Debian in , Debian-server and Debian-Desktop , The first can be released in 18 or 20 months and the other one can be release in 12 months.

Well,  sorry my intromisson again.

Jose Carlos.

OK, I think that most if not all members of the Debian project will
agree that our release team has been one of the major actors in the
release of sarge.

Actually, having a few people who take the responsibility of having
things done, taking decisions (even controversial ones), spend whole
nights awaken and waste their real life into the release of Debian has
been of the key points who allowed us to release.

We all thanked them for this and I will personnally use any RL
occasions to thank them again.

Now, we probably all agree that releasing etch in 3 years is not the
best thing to do.

For this not to happen, we might need to have an already established
release team for etch. Maybe the people currently involved in the
release team as RM and assistant RM just want to continue the hard
work. Maybe some of you people just want to get a break....

Anyway, I think that we would all benefit in knowing as soon as
possible about the etch release team and have it setup and already
working, for instance on trying to sort out the issues which blocked
us for a while....or already try to setup some release schedule (June
6th 2006!).

So, maybe already a few words from the already involved people?

And maybe some candidatures for potential new manpower in the release

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