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Re: release policy changes

Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> writes:

> I think you're still too caught up on libstdc++, the library.  The library
> is not the C++ ABI, just like how libgcc is not used by all C programs.
> The C++ ABI involves things like how classes are laid out and how function
> names are mangled.

So what we do *not* need here is the idea of a special Build-Depends
to signal this kind of thing.  That would be a disaster.

>> If the ABI changes but not the SONAME then the only sane thing to do is
>> to encode the ABI in the package name, e.g. libstc++-6c1002. Just like
>> for any other lib doing the upcoming c++ abi transition.
> We agree on this.

Bingo, me too.

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