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Re: Including Sarge Release Notes on first CDs

> Correct me if I'm wrong but these are based on the manuals provided by the
> latest debian-installer-manual package and not on the latest SVN sources.
> Am I right? Just curious, since there have been updates and improvements to
> the english version of the manual, new translations have been made and
> available translations have been reviewed since the debian-installer-manual
> was last uploaded (March this year)

Well, they are provided by debian-installer, so they come from the rc3 of
debian-installer, the question is... should we use these?

should both the manuals and the Release-Notes be updated in the ftp?

Well, I believe that if the cds should include the new versions, then the
ftp should be updated, just my opinion though.

However, if we should include newer versions of the manuals and
release-notes in the cds, we need to know what to add and where to get them
from, so somebody from the release team should speak about that.

Till now we've been including only manuals, not release-notes on the cds,
and there are more translations now, which means more space needed in the
cds, so we must know this data as soon as posible to see if it will fit in
the cds or not.

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