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Including Sarge Release Notes on first CDs

First of all, I see there is currently no mention of the release notes in 
the README on the CDs.
I feel at least a direct link to the website should be included:

Now for the real request. It would be nice if the release notes (html, pdf 
and txt versions) could be included on the first CD, same as the 
installation manual. There are 11 languages that qualify:
   en, es, fr, de, cs, it, nl, pt_BR, ja, zh_CN, zh_TW

Here is some data on space needed for that. I have looked at current size 
of CDs, and for some arches there seems to be room without pushing 
anything off, but not for all. As CD creation is a dynamic process which 
I don't know enough about, I'd prefer to leave the decision on what's 
possible or not to the debian-cd team.

The size of the RN is largest for i386; other arches are smaller, but not 
significantly, so the data below is based on i386.

Option 1: include all languages and formats; requires ~5.5MB
html   1020K  (about 90k per language)
txt     700K  (about 60k per language)
pdf     3.9M  (about 175k per language, except ja,ch_* which are 600-875k)

Option 2a: same, but drop PDF files for oriental languages; requires ~3MB
Option 2b: same, but drop PDF altogether; requires 2.3MB

Option 3: drop "small" languages: this would gain a lot less than option 2
Option 4: limit langages to en, es, fr, de, cs, pt_BR, ja; requires ~2.7MB

Personally I would prefer _not_ to drop any translations.

Here's a proposed text for the README in case the Release Notes are 
included on the CDs.

*Release Notes*
The Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux "sarge" are included on this CD at 
Several translations of the Release Notes are included on this CD in the 
<doc/> directory, along with various other documents. 
Note: additional translations and updated versions for the Release Notes 
may be available from the Debian web site.

Frans Pop

(Please CC debian-doc as I'm not subscribed to the other lists;
 you can also contact me on #d-release, nick fjp)

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