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Re: Including Sarge Release Notes on first CDs

> Now for the real request. It would be nice if the release notes (html, pdf 
> and txt versions) could be included on the first CD, same as the 
> installation manual. There are 11 languages that qualify:
>    en, es, fr, de, cs, it, nl, pt_BR, ja, zh_CN, zh_TW

As for the manuals, we are currently including some of them, as published in
the archives by the debian-boot guys at

As for the release notes... I see they are at the web, are them at some
other place (in the ftp as a package or in any other place) where we can get
them from?

As for the space needed... last time joeyh checked we were running out of
space as to have the wanted tasks on the cd1, I don't know how much space is
left after we fill in all the wanted tasks, we'll take a look.

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