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Re: vim-vimoutliner -- please allow into sarge

also sprach Matej Cepl <cepl@surfbest.net> [2005.05.10.1926 +0200]:
> Well, actually upstream is much more oriented towards personal
> installation (i.e., install to $HOME), so most of the site-wide
> tricks I had to do on my own (of course, upstream is fully aware
> of what I am doing). So the only change I really did to the
> upstream is that in ftplugin/vo_base.vim (the main script of the
> whole thing) is this:

Seems like a minimal change which cannot or should not have too much
effect on the stable source. Thus, it could go into sarge, I think.

Nevertheless, you are basically fixing a wishlist bug here (although
no bug ever existed), and we have entered the freeze. Of course we
could try to make exceptions here and another one here and yet
another exception for that package over there, but then we won't
ever release.

Hence, as -5 fixes no release-critical bugs and otherwise does not
qualify as a freeze-exception, I am not willing to argue that it
should enter sarge. My intuition is that it could enter without
breakage, but that's not a guarantee.

Thus, if the release team decides to let if in, I won't object. But
if the release team deems it an inappropriate change for a frozen
target, I accept this decision.

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