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Re: Is bug 278820 really release-critical?

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:

> Bug 278820 complains that libvips7.8-tools and deliver both install
> /usr/bin/header.  The poster set the severity of this bug to
> "critical" justified by its breaking unrelated software.  Although I
> agree this bug is very important and must be resolved, I don't think
> this is release-critical: libvips7.8-tools doesn't in fact break
> unrelated software, though this problem does prevent deliver and
> libvips7.8-tools from being installed together.
> If I hadn't switched from sendmail to exim, I suppose I would have
> caught this myself.
> If the release team agrees or if no one replies to this message within
> a few days, I'm going to downgrade the bug to important.  Anyway, a
> non-beta release of vips7.10 is within the next couple of days.  If it
> makes it in before the freeze, I'm going to request removal of 7.8
> anyway.

I agree that it's not "severity: critical", but according to


the package should not be part of sarge, so please do not downgrade
the bug to a severity lower than "serious".

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