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Re: Why is licq scheduled for removal?

* Peter Eisentraut (peter_e@gmx.net) [041022 15:05]:
> Am Freitag, 22. Oktober 2004 14:17 schrieb Andreas Barth:
> > However, licq will re-enter testing once 
> > the RC-bug is solved with your next upload.

> Except that this package depends on KDE, so we are possibly going to be stuck 
> without licq in sarge for months or forever.  Assuming that the KDE 
> transition doesn't happen any time soon, should I reupload the 
> about-to-be-removed version to testing-proposed-updates (assuming that that 
> appears sometime before KDE)?

Damn. I overlooked the dependency between the licq source package and
kde. So, yes, please upload it to t-p-u (and it reduces my pain not too
much that you would have to do that in any case).

Sorry, this removal should have not have happened.

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