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Re: Why is licq scheduled for removal?

Am Freitag, 22. Oktober 2004 14:17 schrieb Andreas Barth:
> The current RC-bug that you just set to pending now - but I guess that
> was just 10 hours too late. I uncommented the hint now, but AFAICS, it
> will still be executed tonight.

I understand.  But two comments on that:

1. I'm all for aggressive removal of buggy packages, but it would be nice to 
give the maintainer an advance notice or something.

2. The bug in question was a build failure.  If you're going to follow the 
bug-tracking system quasi blindly, please make the autobuilder maintainers 
tag their bugs appropriately.  The version of the package that you are 
removing wasn't the target of the bug in the first place.

> However, licq will re-enter testing once 
> the RC-bug is solved with your next upload.

Except that this package depends on KDE, so we are possibly going to be stuck 
without licq in sarge for months or forever.  Assuming that the KDE 
transition doesn't happen any time soon, should I reupload the 
about-to-be-removed version to testing-proposed-updates (assuming that that 
appears sometime before KDE)?

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