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Re: Upload question

This one time, at band camp, Steve Langasek said:
> clamav is not part of the base system, does not have any binaries of
> priority standard or higher, and does not depend on KDE.  For now,
> please upload your changes to sid only with medium or high urgency, and
> we can probably push it through to testing if needed.  If the same
> changes are needed for both sarge and sid, one build is better than two.
> (And using t-p-u definitely means two uploads, since clamav is at the
> same version in testing and unstable right now:  uploaded versions must
> be testing << t-p-u << unstable.)

Ah, very good - thanks for the clarification.  I had read the status
reprot before all the coffee sank in, and I thought the freeze was
farther along than base only.

> > Also, is this even worth it?  I tend to think yes - I think that the
> > translation effort is important, but I hate to upload a muli-binary
> > package for 2 translation fixups when the autobuilders are already
> > swamped.  If people feel that it is not worth it, please let me know,
> > and I'll hold off.
> Yes, getting translations up-to-date is definitely important for the
> release; please don't let the buildd backlog keep you from making
> necessary uploads.

Thanks, I will upload with a medium priority then, with only these two
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