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Upload question

Hello all,

I just saw the release status update on devel-announce (thanks for
theat, BTW), and I had a question about it.  I have gotten two
translation related bug reports about clamav, and I would like to see
these closed before sarge releases.  My understanding is that if I am to
do so, I need to upload to testing-proposed-updates, rahter than sid,
and then also upload a regular package to sid, so that sid users also
see the update.  Is this correct, or am I missing something?

Also, is this even worth it?  I tend to think yes - I think that the
translation effort is important, but I hate to upload a muli-binary
package for 2 translation fixups when the autobuilders are already
swamped.  If people feel that it is not worth it, please let me know,a
and I'll hold off.

I know that you all have more important things to do than answer my
questions right now, but I appreciate any feedback.

P.S. - I am not subscribed, and would appreciate a cc. Setting M-F-T
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