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Re: Who checks for bugs fixed in unstable but not in sarge?

> If such an easy and clearly RC bug as #237071 which is already fixed in 
> unstable isn't adressed in testing until today, something is definitely 
> going wrong. And if it was Jeroen's job as you said, he isn't doing it 
> properly.
> It will be worse between "28 August 2004" and "16 September 2004" 
> when many hundred packages with a more recent version than in unstable 
> whether sarge have to be evaluated and fixed during only three weeks.

> This extra work is a price you have to pay for freezing testing, but if 
> it isn't done properly and very fast, it might result in serious delays 
> of the release.

What would really be needed would be proper version tracking in BTS,
so that bugs get closed by a specific version, and we could search
all bugs affecting specific versions of packages.

Lacking that, RC bugs should be kept open (but tagged sarge) until
the package migrates to testing. To achieve that, I think the best way
would be a combination of reminding developers to keep their RC bugs 
tagged sarge on the next release update on d-d-a, and concerned
volunteers like you who can keep an eye on debian-bugs-rc 
mailing list and reopen + tag any inadvertently closed RC bugs.

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