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Who checks for bugs fixed in unstable but not in sarge?


it's obvious that freezing testing requires the extra amount of work for 
someone to check every single frozen package with a more recent version  
in unstable whether sarge lacks required fixes.

They might be RC bugs like #237071, but it's also possible that an 
upload fixed a security bug [1] or other RC issues that had no RC bug or  
no bug at all in the BTS [2].

Most of the work will be after the full freeze, but even the base freeze 
has over 40 such packages that require manual checking.

It's obvious, that it wouldn't work to say the maintainers of the 
packages were responsible for this task.

Since I astonishingly discovered that this task hasn't been completed 
for the frozen base packages until now, I'd like to know which member of 
the release team is responsible for doing this task?


BTW: Please Cc me on replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-release.

[1] the woody DSAs cover only the subset of issues that are also present 
    in woody
[2] even version tracking in the BTS wouldn't help you with such issues


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