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Re: Who checks for bugs fixed in unstable but not in sarge?

* Adrian Bunk (bunk@fs.tum.de) [040812 12:25]:
> it's obvious that freezing testing requires the extra amount of work for 
> someone to check every single frozen package with a more recent version  
> in unstable whether sarge lacks required fixes.
> They might be RC bugs like #237071, but it's also possible that an 
> upload fixed a security bug [1] or other RC issues that had no RC bug or  
> no bug at all in the BTS [2].
> Most of the work will be after the full freeze, but even the base freeze 
> has over 40 such packages that require manual checking.
> It's obvious, that it wouldn't work to say the maintainers of the 
> packages were responsible for this task.

Well, of course, the base reponsibility is with the package
maintainer. AFAICS, Jeroen is keeping overall track now.

> Since I astonishingly discovered that this task hasn't been completed 
> for the frozen base packages until now, I'd like to know which member of 
> the release team is responsible for doing this task?

Why do you think this task is not worked on, if you're not subscribed
to -release? (And of course, Jeroen is not member of the release team,
but I don't care for that as long as the job is done.)

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