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Re: Who checks for bugs fixed in unstable but not in sarge?

* Adrian Bunk (bunk@fs.tum.de) [040812 14:10]:
> On Thu, Aug 12, 2004 at 01:21:22PM +0200, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > * Adrian Bunk (bunk@fs.tum.de) [040812 12:25]:

> > Why do you think this task is not worked on, if you're not subscribed
> > to -release? (And of course, Jeroen is not member of the release team,
> > but I don't care for that as long as the job is done.)

> It was announced that "Official security support for sarge begins" and 
> the toolchain is in order after "12 August 2004".
> If such an easy and clearly RC bug as #237071 which is already fixed in 
> unstable isn't adressed in testing until today, something is definitely 
> going wrong.

#237071 is _not_ required for security suports. Furthermore, there is
some difference between "keeping track" and "fixing everything".

> And if it was Jeroen's job as you said, he isn't doing it 
> properly.

It seems to me that you might just have a wrong opinion how jobs in
debian are done. Nobody says: "Hereby, I order you, $SOMEBODY, to do
$JOB.". Instead, people like Jeroen stand up, track problems by
themselfs. Also, one package being seven days too old (and this means
a specific problem on one specific platform) is not so bad as you just
tell us all.

> It will be worse between "28 August 2004" and "16 September 2004" 
> when many hundred packages with a more recent version than in unstable 
> whether sarge have to be evaluated and fixed during only three weeks.

You're invited to help there. If you don't intend to help, then please
stop waisting our time.

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