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Re: this bug is RC

Steve Langasek wrote:
> ==> remove kernel-image-2.6.6-i386/2.6.6-1
> Easily done.  The above hint should take effect with tomorrow's britney
> run, with the effect that the 2.6.6 kernel-image packages for i386 will
> be removed from sarge at dinstall on the 14th, and will be held out
> pending resolution of this RC bug.

Ok, we'll have to rebuild the netinst CDs to take advantage of it.
I'm leaning toward calling that tc2 and fixing the sparc64 issue at the
same time.

> Are there any RC issues with the 2.6.5 kernels that warrant keeping a
> close watch on this issue going forward?  Are there other architectures
> that would be affected by this bug?

2.6.5 seemed good when d-i was using it. Unlike 2.6.3, it doesn't crash
on boot after the initial install. Of course it probably has lots of
problems, and 2.6.6 probably fixes lots of problems, adds better SATA
support etc. You just can't win. Unless someone applies the patch to
2.6.6, that is..

see shy jo

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