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Re: Update on "upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable" status

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> problems before you upload to unstable. The differences are, eg, between
> making sure Gnome 2.6 can be built everywhere, and actually having a
> particular version of Gnome 2.6 built everywhere; 

Gnome is usually really good on the portability plan (no problem with
2.2, 2.4), there is no reason to fear massive problems for gnome2.6. 
It has built on 7 architectures without problems and I don't think we
are magically getting a lot problems of the few missing. And if we get 
some problems, we are quite a lot to work on gnome packages and I
really think we are able to deal fast with these problems ...

> between fixing RC bugs
> you know about in advance, and spending a couple of weeks letting users
> find new ones and fixing those too.

We are fixing bug for 2 months now and you can check on the BTS to see
gnome2.6 bugs reported and how we are dealing we them. According to
#gnome-debian, gtk-gnome list and BTS activities there are a lot of
users who have already tested these packages.

> If they're really that good, there's no big deal at all. This is how
> you convince us they're really that good.

Packages are in experimental for 2 month. Widely tested, fixed, built,
... look on the BTS, gnome list activity, ..
And the usual good quality of gnome releases is also a good sign  ...

> pretty majorly: packages in unstable with RC bugs need to be fixed
> _quickly_. Not immediately, maybe, but not after months and months
> either.

Once again we are very reactive (look on RC bug reported on gnome2.6
packages in the BTS for the 2 last months)

> habit of risking. The way we can avoid it is by running major changes
> through experimental first; these things won't catch everything by any
> means but they will catch a bunch of issues that do cause major problems
> elsewhere.

Are you asking for wide use of experimental ? Now unstable is supposed
to play testing role and experimental unstable one ? Manual builds in
experimental give a lot of extra work to maintainer, it's not possible
to keep this effort continualy, that's wasting too much ressource for no
gain ...


Sebastien Bacher

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