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Update on "upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable" status


The purpose of this mail is to ask the advice of the release team
regarding the transition of Gnome 2.6 to unstable, given the progress
the packages have made in the last few weeks.

* Architectures:

A full Gnome2.6 is built and available in experimental for these archs:

- i386
- ppc
- mips
- arm
- ia64

* New GTK+:

gtk+2.4 is ABI and API compatible with 2.2. There are some build
problems with apps using deprecated widgets and DEPRECATED flags for the
build. We have rebuilt about 60 gnome related packages from unstable, of
which 7 have failed. We are already working to catch and fix these build
problems and this job should not take more than a week.

A list of builds that we've performed is here:

* Gnutls transition:

Gnome2.6 packages are linked with gnutls10. Since libgnomeprint use
libcupsys2, we need to transition libcupsys2 from gnutls7 to gnutls10
(API change). The proper way to do this is to rename the package to
libcupsys2tls10 and conflict with the old package. The renamed package
has already been uploaded in experimental.

Few source packages will need to be rebuilt. Most of them are Gnome
packages, and Chris Cheney is ok to do a kdelibs update within a few
days. I've mailed samba maintainer and I'm waiting on the reply.

This will fix some existant issues (for example libldap2 already uses
gnutls10 and gnome2.4 uses gnutls7, so gdm can't use ldap). 

* Status of gnome2.6 packages:

Gnome 2.6 packages from experimental have been tested by many users.
There have been no major issues reported with the current packages.
Gnome 2.6 is pretty stable and portable.

* Schedule proposal:

[...] give temporal estimation for each phase

- Upload a gtk+ in experimental conflicting with old gtk-engines to
force themes updates
- "apt-get install libgtk2.0-0 -t experimental" on unstable/gnome2.4
boxes to test how it's going

[2-3 days]

- Upload new atk/pango/glib/gtk/theme-engines in unstable

[1 day]

- Track and fix packages broken by DEPRECATED flags.

[less than a week]

- Rebuild and upload new libcupsys2, kdelibs, gnome2.6 packages in

[1 week]

The Gnome2.4 -> 2.6 transition in unstable should take about 2 weeks. We
are confident it will be a smooth transition since Gnome 2.6 has been
tested and built on 5 archs already.

We also have a lot of active people working on these packages (the Gnome
Team has 28 members), many users ready to test and help and usually
problems are reported and fixed pretty fast.

So what the release team thinks about this ? If you are fine with that
we can start the migration today.

Sebastien Bacher,
for the GNOME Team

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