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Re: Upload of GNOME 2.6 to unstable

(OK, so let's try out replying via the mailing-lists links. Sorry if
this turns out bad)

Matthias Klose writes:

> hmm, upload a new gcc-defaults to experimental making 3.4 the default
> definitely breaks gnome builds in experimental, if you get your build
> dependencies from there. an experimental/toolchain would help in this
> case.

Perhaps one can assume that all essential and build-essential packages
should be from unstable, while the build-dependencies are taken from


1. Install the chroot from unstable 
2. Change the sources.list to point to experimental as well for sources
3. Start buildd
4. Profit!
5. Stop buildd
6. Remove experimental from  sources.list 
7. Upgrade/fix chroot
8. Go to step 2. Repeat.
9. Release!

/usr/lib/sbuild/upgrade-chroot et al. could probably easily be changed
to use a apt-get.conf.unstable which in turn points to

Even better would be if sbuild could be told to just use a different
sources.list/apt-get.conf when building experimenal packages.


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