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Re: Is upload to stable appropriate?

Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> > However, since the patch is non-trivial, I'd rather have 4.2.4-13
> > uploaded for sid-addon for a while before it should replace the file
> > that comes with woody non-free, hence, not for the r2 update.
> I don't understand what sid-addon is.  The only reference I can find on
> Google for that term is, uh, this email.

sid-addon was meant as a (probably confusing) expression for non-free
not being a part of Debian.  I meant the non-free directory next to 
the sid distribution.

> The change I'm implementing (which differs from the one in the original
> bug report) is just two lines of code, and is fairly trivial.  However,
> I agree that it does not need to go into the r2 update.

Sounds good.  Could you provide the patch?



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