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Re: Why does kdm still set dpi to 100?

On Monday 19 January 2004 10:09, Zsolt Rizsanyi wrote:
> On Monday 19 January 2004 20.46, you wrote:
> > It's a bit unfair though, to want the xfree packages to automatically
> > configure the dpi when kdm doesn't either.
> I don't understand. You said that kdm should not set the dpi because the X
> server autodetects it. In that case I would expect the autodetection to
> work correctly.

Actually, it can be autodetected, but some of the X drivers are buggy. By 
overriding the autodetection, we won't find which drivers are buggy. Here's a 
message about it from the X list:

> I have a rather large monitor compared to its resolution: 19'' with
> 1152x864. Display size is 340 x 270 mm. That is about ~80 dpi.
> If I don't set the DisplaySize option in the Monitor section of the
> XF86Config the the X server autodetects 101 dpi (if I remember correctly).
> I have the next possible configuration options:
> 1.) leave everything as it is set by debian (kdm with -dpi 100 and no
> DisplaySize option in XF86Config)
> dpi is 100
> 2.) change all the server lines in the /etc/kde3/kdm/Xserver to -dpi 75
> dpi is 75 (much better for my usage)
> 3.) remove -dpi settings from /etc/kde3/kdm/Xserver
> I end up with dpi 101 which is worse IMHO than 1.)
> 4.) remove -dpi from Xserver and set DisplaySize in XF86Config
> dpi ~80
> I currently using 2.) and contemplating if 4.) would be better.
> So I think the first step is to set the DisplaySize in XF86Config. Then at
> least startx would work correctly.

It sounds like the autodetection for your driver is broken. I think that 4 is 
the best general solution because users won't be surprised if they switch to 
xdm, gdm, or startx and all the fonts are suddenly way too big..

> But if just you remove -dpi from the kdm config, you don't get anything
> (and it may be even worse).

What we gain is that the Debian kde users will be excercising the X 
autodetection. And in the case where the autodetection works, it's obviously 
better to not throw that info away in kdm.


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