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Re: kdebase, kdemultimedia ETAs?

Nathanael Nerode writes:

> Sarge is closer than you might think.  :-/

>> kde 3.1.5 releases next week and KDE 3.2 RC1 the week after that. I
>> currently think it might be a good idea to just upload 3.2 to sid
>> and get it into sarge. Unless anyone knows of some serious issues
>> with 3.2?

> Don't do it.  :-( That's a *very* bad idea.  If it takes even half
> as long to get 3.2 into sid in good shape as it has taken to get
> 3.1.4 in, you'll NEVER make sarge, no matter when sarge releases.

For what it's worth, KDE 3.2 is only planned to release on February
2nd, so there's still quite some time left.  I think it's safe to say
that the packages won't be uploaded before they're released upstream.
The question of course is what is to happen when upstream does
release, as sarge will likely not yet be ready at that point.  

Fixing the compile and other bugs that are bound to appear, will
likely take at least a month.  Keep in mind that neither KDE 3.2, nor
its packages have been tested on some of Debian's weird arches yet,
and that these bugs have proven to be fixed slowly. 

I think we all would very much like KDE 3.2 in sarge.  I have a newly
added application in there e.g., that deserves more attention.
However, we have to make a concession at some point, and we have to
keep Debian's interests in mind. If other Debian devs see that KDE
gets to upload a brand new version, they'll want to do the same, and
we can write off all chances to a quick Debian release.

Therefore, I would argue that at the time of the KDE 3.2 upstream
release, we evaluate sarge's progress, and if it seems likely that it
would make a release within, say, a month, then I think we should give
the Debian guys that chance.


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