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Re: Re: kdebase, kdemultimedia ETAs?

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 01:13:41PM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> Sarge is closer than you might think.  :-/

Hmm, you may be right after all. However I still don't see anything for
s390 being built and the graph indicates nothing is (notice its
continuous downward sloping). Needless to say arm and s390 have yet to
even build the old buggy kdebase, which was uploaded nearly a month ago.

> >kde 3.1.5 releases next week and KDE 3.2 RC1 the week after that. I
> >currently think it might be a good idea to just upload 3.2 to sid and
> >get it into sarge. Unless anyone knows of some serious issues with 3.2?
> Don't do it.  :-(  That's a *very* bad idea.  If it takes even half as long to
> get 3.2 into sid in good shape as it has taken to get 3.1.4 in, you'll NEVER 
> make sarge, no matter when sarge releases.

Pretty much all of KDE 3.1.4 was done by Oct 18. The exceptions were
kdebase and kdemultimedia. kdebase due to it having numerous packaging
bugs many of which were fixed (of course kdm now has a new one).
kdemultimedia because it had many compiler errors. The last time I tried
building kdemultimedia it still had some problems with xine (that was
about 2 weeks ago). I'll go ahead and upload kdebase and kdemultimedia
3.1.4 to make everyone happy, but I don't see it taking (the initial) 6
weeks to get kde 3.2 working.  The reason kde 3.1.4 took until Oct 18 to
go into sid (iirc) was due to breakage in the archive. If we have
breakage in the archive this close to sarge release it likely won't

> Please, please don't do it.  If you want to upload KDE 3.2 to "experimental" 
> and see how it goes.  But DON'T upload it to sid until you have 3.1.4 in 
> sarge and working.  Parts of KDE are still at version 2 in sarge, and 
> uploading KDE 3.2 to sid will just make it impossible to ever get KDE 3 into 
> sarge. 

People have been running KDE 3.2 beta debs for months now. I haven't
heard of very many complaints. The only part of KDE still at 2.x that I
know of is kdemultimedia, which was due to its source breakage from
3.1.2 onward, yes we are having to patch around it for it to even work
now. But as I mentioned above I will upload new kdebase/kdemultimedia
that fixes their problems before putting 3.2 into the archive.


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