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Re: Re: kdebase, kdemultimedia ETAs?

>553 RC bugs are still open combined with the fact that the s390 buildd
>still isn't online and how far behind the other buildds are, leads me to
>believe sarge won't be releasing anytime soon. It certainly looks like
>it will be longer than a month from release.
Stuff's getting built for s390; since s390 is a *very* fast architecture, it 
will catch up quickly.

Look at the bugs which are applicable to packages in sarge (an awful lot of 
packages are getting removed from sarge): http://bts.turmzimmer.net/list.html
That's 303.  Of those, a large number are:
* already patched
* glibc or linux-kernel-headers issues (doing well, as I mentioned)
* latex2html moved to non-free (straightfoward to fix)
* unmaintained packages which are probably going to be dropped
* long-standing X-Windows issues which are probably going to be ignored

Sarge is closer than you might think.  :-/

>kde 3.1.5 releases next week and KDE 3.2 RC1 the week after that. I
>currently think it might be a good idea to just upload 3.2 to sid and
>get it into sarge. Unless anyone knows of some serious issues with 3.2?

Don't do it.  :-(  That's a *very* bad idea.  If it takes even half as long to 
get 3.2 into sid in good shape as it has taken to get 3.1.4 in, you'll NEVER 
make sarge, no matter when sarge releases.

Please, please don't do it.  If you want to upload KDE 3.2 to "experimental" 
and see how it goes.  But DON'T upload it to sid until you have 3.1.4 in 
sarge and working.  Parts of KDE are still at version 2 in sarge, and 
uploading KDE 3.2 to sid will just make it impossible to ever get KDE 3 into 

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