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Re: kdebase, kdemultimedia ETAs?

On Mon, Jan 05, 2004 at 09:55:49PM +0100, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> For what it's worth, KDE 3.2 is only planned to release on February
> 2nd, so there's still quite some time left.  I think it's safe to say
> that the packages won't be uploaded before they're released upstream.
> The question of course is what is to happen when upstream does
> release, as sarge will likely not yet be ready at that point.  

Usually packagers get the source 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Which would
seem to make "RC1" (Jan 18) really be 3.2 except for things that
packagers themselves find wrong with it. Also many times Debian does
have KDE in sid before its officially announced, its just been lately
Sid has been too broken to even upload KDE at all until weeks later. :\

/me curses at gcc and glibc

> Fixing the compile and other bugs that are bound to appear, will
> likely take at least a month.  Keep in mind that neither KDE 3.2, nor
> its packages have been tested on some of Debian's weird arches yet,
> and that these bugs have proven to be fixed slowly. 


> I think we all would very much like KDE 3.2 in sarge.  I have a newly
> added application in there e.g., that deserves more attention.
> However, we have to make a concession at some point, and we have to
> keep Debian's interests in mind. If other Debian devs see that KDE
> gets to upload a brand new version, they'll want to do the same, and
> we can write off all chances to a quick Debian release.

Another thing to note was that the toolchain was supposed to have been
frozen in September but there was a new gcc upload just last week on
29 Dec 2003... As long as even the toolchain isn't frozen freezing
other things aren't going to work very well either, for example see the
kdebase breakage wrt SYS_sysinfo. AFAICT that was broken by new glibc
with 2.6 headers. Yes, using syscalls the way KDE did was not a good
idea, but if the toolchain is going to continue to rev exposing more
bugs in applications what is the point in the freeze? I don't know if
anyone with power is reading this, but freezing the toolchain at some
point would be a good idea.

> Therefore, I would argue that at the time of the KDE 3.2 upstream
> release, we evaluate sarge's progress, and if it seems likely that it
> would make a release within, say, a month, then I think we should give
> the Debian guys that chance.

KDE 3.2's upstream release is less than 2 weeks away... but yes I will
get kdebase/kdemultimedia fixed and uploaded before then. However, I
don't promise to wait until they filter into sarge before uploading KDE
3.2, since (afaik) currently nothing is filtering into sarge.[0]


[0] I suppose arch all packages can filter into sarge but since several
buildds are very behind and/or not working at all arch any are taking
a very prolonged time to even get built. And if packages aren't built on
all archs then they obviously can't migrate to sarge.

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