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Bug#792564: qa.d.o/dose: please export distcheck and buildcheck results in a machine readable format

On Fri, 17 Jul 2015, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> > I think for the tracker we would want a custom format, in case the
> > dose3 raw data format/schema changes.
> right. I think that makes sense.

I don't see how it makes sense. If that output contains the suitable
information, let's use it and define it as the standard that the PTS
expects. When the raw dose3 format changes, dose3 can add a new export
layer for the PTS if needed.

The only alternative would be to invent a generic data source format
that would be useful for all possible action items that we want
to import. But a generic format for a specialized use case seems overkill.

> > If that page mentioned Depends/Build-Depends/etc instead of using
> > arrows it might be more understandable.
> but will also become quite crowded. Maybe it would help to have a link which
> gives a short explanation of how to read the overviews.
> The only possible meanings for the arrows are Depends/Pre-Depends or
> Build-Depends/Build-Depends-Indep/Build-Depends-Arch. Do you think it's
> important to inform about from which field a dependency is coming from? Or are
> you only saying that it is not obvious that the arrow is describing a
> dependency relationship?

Yes, it would be definitely useful to set a title attribute on the arrows
so that you can put the mouse over the arrow and now exactly what
relationship it refers to.

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