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Bug#792564: qa.d.o/dose: please export distcheck and buildcheck results in a machine readable format

Package: qa.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


it would be useful to show information about unsatisfiability of binary
and source packages in DMD and the tracker. For that, qa.d.o/dose should
export machine readable data of the latest runs of distcheck and
buildcheck. I guess that the dose yaml format would be sufficient for

It would also be interesting if DMD and the tracker could link back to
the right page on qa.d.o/dose. For that purpose it would be useful to
have stable urls for a given source package which would then redirect to
the page of that source package with the latest timestamp. So then
instead of linking to:


one could link to:


I guess it would be okay if that url would 404 if no results exist for
that package for the latest run.


cheers, josch

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