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Bug#792564: qa.d.o/dose: please export distcheck and buildcheck results in a machine readable format

On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 1:32 PM, Johannes Schauer wrote:

> Correct. My motivation to add this was something I forgot to mention in my
> initial report, but this is just an implementation detail: dose3 outputs its
> results in yaml format. Implementation wise, it would be easiest if qa.d.o/dose
> would just dump the raw data that dose3 generates in its own output format
> without any further processing. That data then would of course not include any
> urls and that's why I mentioned the stable URLs.

I think for the tracker we would want a custom format, in case the
dose3 raw data format/schema changes.

> I am fighting with "human-readable results pages" myself for years (See
> http://bootstrap.debian.net/cross.html for example) and found that the
> graphical display that Ralf created for qa.d.o/dose is superior to any other
> that I have ever seen so far (including the Perl implementation on qa.d.o which
> does not give me a proper explanation of the problem). If you know a more
> "human readable" solution to display complex situations like this:
> https://qa.debian.org/dose/debcheck/src_unstable_main/1437022805/packages/apertium-eo-ca.html

If that page mentioned Depends/Build-Depends/etc instead of using
arrows it might be more understandable. Also a proper graph ouput with
graphviz might be more understandable.



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