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Re: UDD migration to ullmann.debian.org

This one time, at band camp, Paul Wise said:
> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:33 PM, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > I see the advantage of having a udd replica set somewhere, if
> > latency and read performance on ullmann is problematic.
> ...
> > postgres has native replication support.  I don't see a need to
> > reinvent the wheel here, do you?
> For some reason I thought the plan was to split the import host from
> the query host(s) and use postgres replication to migrate data from
> the import host onto alioth and any other machines using UDD. Am I
> misremembering or is that a bad plan for some reason?

I think that postgres replication is the best solution for replicating
the database, yes.

There were a lot of different plans about how to make udd more usable
for people, but I think we should give the new host a try and see if we
think we still need to do any horizontal scaling work.

While I think that most of the scripts running on alioth to query udd
should probably find another home, I also realize that the reality is
that people will continue to do this sort of thing on alioth, so it does
perhaps make sense to have a local replica set there in any event.
We'll see how things go over the first few weeks of ullmann going live.

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