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Re: UDD migration to ullmann.debian.org

This one time, at band camp, Andreas Tille said:
> Hi ullmann admins,
> thanks a lot for this very good news!  This helps a lot.
> I wonder whether we could now find a way to export the UDD bugs
> tables as I have suggested and which was confirmed by Lucas:
>    http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa/2012/05/msg00023.html

I see the advantage of having a udd replica set somewhere, if
latency and read performance on ullmann is problematic.  As we haven't
tried ullmann yet, though, it seems a little premature.  Also, it seems
you are still loading up alioth with random jobs that have little to do
with alioth's primary goal of being a software forge.  Are you having
difficulty finding hosting space for your pet projects?

> I do see two options:
>    1. Either generate the partial database dump in a cron
>       job and move it to some http-accessible space or
>    2. Get a passwordless sshkey which has the only single
>       permission to trigger the dump and rsync the result
>       (=call a dedicated scipt)

postgres has native replication support.  I don't see a need to reinvent
the wheel here, do you?

> What would your prefered solution to make a a dump of a few UDD tables
> accessible to some other host?

What other host?

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