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Re: QA debtags tags

On 21/02/09 at 19:39 -0600, Raphael Geissert wrote:
> @lucas: so, what information Andreas Tille wanted from DEHS in UDD? what do
> you think about importing the data directly from pgsql? or do you really
> prefer a text file?

I would prefer a text/yaml/json/whatever file so that file would act as
a stable "API" (data exchange format) between DEHS and UDD. You would be
able to completely break DEHS's DB without breaking this file. I don't
like the idea of having DEHS SQL queries living in UDD.

The format I would like is something like:
distribution ; package ; debian version ; upstream version ; status (up-to-date, outdated, error, etc).

Then, views could be added in UDD, like:
"packages not up-to-date in unstable, without an up-to-date version in

But if you think that another set of columns makes more sense, I'm fine
with that, of course :-)
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