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Re: Semantics of objects in UDD : seeking more standardization, interoperability ?

On 20/02/09 at 16:10 +0100, Olivier Berger wrote:
> > I've just made dumps of the DB available (see http://udd.debian.org/),
> > so you could use that if you want to work on an offline copy.
> Great. Will try to have a look at that.
> Btw, until then, the database was only accessible to somehow trusted
> users of Debian machines if I'm not mistaken... now that dumps are
> public, I'm afraid of the issues of personal data that we've discussed
> at the FOSDEM. Maybe some terms of use should be explicitely stated for
> such dumps ?
> In any case, I'll pass the word to fellow researchers at FLOSSMETRICS
> for instance, that may be interested.

The problem is twofold.

1) the legal part: are we legally allowed to build such a database? I'm
not sure which local law applies here (finland's?), but in france, such
a database would probably need to be declared at CNIL.

2) the moral part: should we secure some of the information (mostly, the
personal informations) that we provide? 

Regarding packages and sources, I don't think so: the information is
already easily available in the respective files.

Regarding bugs, I don't think it's worth obfuscating yet, because:
- we only have information about bug reporters and closers.
- both reporters and closers are probably well aware that their identity
  will be published somewhere
- digging in a 250-MB SQL dump isn't much easier than wgetting each bug
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