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QA debtags tags


I've finally devoted some time to prototype some tags about the
maintenance status of a package.  Some discussion about this happened
at http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/debtags-devel/2007-September/001703.html

What came out so far is this script, based on UDD:

An example of what it generates can be found at:

While I was writing this, I was thinking: would it make sense to call
these tags qa::* instead of maint::*, and officially state that they are
the tags maintained by Debian QA?

I'm not trying to dump tasks on people: I'll be happy to take care of
generating these tags on behalf (or as part) of the QA team.  The idea
of naming them qa::* is, for example, to discuss here about new tags, or
new ways to generate them.  And also, to connect a set of tags to a
specific team and effort inside Debian.

If there are no objections I'd go on with the rename, and with making
this a bit more official.

Of course, I'd be happy to discuss ideas for new tags and for ways to
assign them to packages.  The maint_tags script has a bit of
brainstorming in the comments at the end of the file.



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