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Re: Can ccc, cfal, libots and friends be removed?

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 04:47:14PM +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:

> In November, the following packages have been orphaned:

> ccc	Compaq C Compiler for Linux Alpha
> cfal	Compaq Fortran Compiler for Linux Alpha
> cfalrtl	Compaq Fortran Run-Time Library (installer)
> cpml	Compaq Portable Math Library (installer)
> cxml	Compaq Extended Math Library (installer)
> libots	Compaq Compiled Code Support Library (installer)

> They are "just" downloaders&installers in contrib for RPM's targetted at
> alpha. Some of the download URL's are broken, all of the open bugs are
> about gettext translations, there's many lintian errors for each,
> there's next to no popcon-user for any of the packages. Abandoned
> upstream and gcc seems a good replacement (according to previous
> maintainer).

Hmm, really?  Do you have a reference on that last bit?  THe last I knew,
Compaq's compilers still created better-optimized code than gcc would on

> I think you get my point: I think it's better to drop this set of six
> source packages rather than maintain them within the QA Group.
> Objections against filing removal bugs?

I don't object either way, for me they're not worth using due to their
non-free status.  Life's too short. :)

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