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Re: Can ccc, cfal, libots and friends be removed?

On Sat, 2007-01-13 at 03:58 -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > They are "just" downloaders&installers in contrib for RPM's targetted at
> > alpha. Some of the download URL's are broken, all of the open bugs are
> > about gettext translations, there's many lintian errors for each,
> > there's next to no popcon-user for any of the packages. Abandoned
> > upstream and gcc seems a good replacement (according to previous
> > maintainer).
> Hmm, really?  Do you have a reference on that last bit?  THe last I knew,
> Compaq's compilers still created better-optimized code than gcc would on
> alpha.

I was maybe a bit brief, but the previous maintainer writes in his
orphan bug that there may be very specific pieces of code for which this
compiler still delivers extremely fast, but that gcc has caught up on a
large part of the performance. Hence the usefulness is probably not
entirely zero, but much of the advantage of using it has disappeared.

> I don't object either way, for me they're not worth using due to their
> non-free status.  Life's too short. :)

Right :) Following the same reasoning about life, I don't think the QA
team should be supporting the packages - with their very limited use -
if noone wants to maintain them properly. I'll request their removal in
the upcoming week.


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