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Can ccc, cfal, libots and friends be removed?


In November, the following packages have been orphaned:

ccc	Compaq C Compiler for Linux Alpha
cfal	Compaq Fortran Compiler for Linux Alpha
cfalrtl	Compaq Fortran Run-Time Library (installer)
cpml	Compaq Portable Math Library (installer)
cxml	Compaq Extended Math Library (installer)
libots	Compaq Compiled Code Support Library (installer)

They are "just" downloaders&installers in contrib for RPM's targetted at
alpha. Some of the download URL's are broken, all of the open bugs are
about gettext translations, there's many lintian errors for each,
there's next to no popcon-user for any of the packages. Abandoned
upstream and gcc seems a good replacement (according to previous

I think you get my point: I think it's better to drop this set of six
source packages rather than maintain them within the QA Group.
Objections against filing removal bugs?


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