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Bug#359044: Developers summary page only showing a fraction of his packages

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 10:13 +0100, Marcus Better wrote:
> Shouldn't e-mail addresses be case insensitive?

Since you asked ;-) - no, at least for local parts (i.e. the portion
preceding the @). In fact, they MUST NOT (in the BCP14 meaning of that
phrase) be. From RFC2821:

   Verbs and argument values (e.g., "TO:" or "to:" in the RCPT command
   and extension name keywords) are not case sensitive, with the sole
   exception in this specification of a mailbox local-part (SMTP
   Extensions may explicitly specify case-sensitive elements).  That is,
   a command verb, an argument value other than a mailbox local-part,
   and free form text MAY be encoded in upper case, lower case, or any
   mixture of upper and lower case with no impact on its meaning.  This
   is NOT true of a mailbox local-part.  The local-part of a mailbox
   MUST BE treated as case sensitive.  Therefore, SMTP implementations
   MUST take care to preserve the case of mailbox local-parts.  Mailbox
   domains are not case sensitive.  In particular, for some hosts the
   user "smith" is different from the user "Smith".  However, exploiting
   the case sensitivity of mailbox local-parts impedes interoperability
   and is discouraged.

What the likelihood is of two maintainer addresses actually being
differently-cased versions of the same local part, on the other hand...


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